Sunday, January 15, 2012

TODAY is a Day


Hi everyone! (Do you know Futurama? This is ussual greeting of crazy professor in this series:)

Hovewer! One of my friends told my yeasterday: hmm, nice blog, but you know. You are aquarius and if you said, you start from your birthday, you are not so decided, maybe you will quit before beginning.

What do you think? Is a zodiac so important? Could it affect us so much?

I am not sure about it. Anyway, to be on the safe side, I decided to start today. Why wait almost month? It is really long time and till my birthday after almost month of small but important changes I can feel really great and be more happy than today.

My first challenge is: WRITE ONE POST EVERY DAY

Why? I think it is necessary to start with some really easy one to warm up, try it etc. and than go deeper and deeper. And also this will be big challenge for me to be consistent and don´t give up. Because sometimes, when I feel that what I do does not make any sence, I start to give up. Hovewer if I really want something I can hold on, so why not now?

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This whole thing is really important to me, because I want learn more habbits which will help me achieve my goals and my dreams will come true. So motto of the day is:


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How will I get it? At first I will set every alarms and calenders to remind me. No, just kidding:) I honestly think that this time I can get it, because I take all this really seriously. This project is really important to prove myself I can do it! Not anybody else. In my opinion this is the most important key for success: do everythink for yourself, because you want. Not for anybody, not because of anybody. You have to do everything for your better life, better feeling. Find a real purpose of what you are doing and you will be more succesful.

So, what about you, guys? Do you have any ideas how to keep doing anything and never, never, never give up? Because day after day will my challenges be harder and harder to keep and I really need your support!

See U tommorow, I will tell you more about me;) B.

P.S. I will be really happy, if you leave me a comment with any advice, criticism etc. (But please, do not criticise my english, I am still learning and I know about my potential;)

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  1. I bet you'll not achieve your goal aneb podle sebe soudím tebe .-) Good luck!