Saturday, January 14, 2012

I´ve decided...

Today I have decided to change my life. I´ve seen some really motivational videos which push me into this decision. You know, one really small change every day and once your whole life will be so much better. Maybe this year is the last one for whole mankind (I don´t think so), so this could be really strong argument to change everything and be really happy and satisfied at the end, don´t you think?

Purpose of this "action" is to be satisfied with myself, my home, my work, my body, my soul:) Honestly now I am not. I feel like whole my life, minutes, hours, days run somehow away and I am older an older and nothing stays. But today I have made decision to change it! 

What really motivated me to this was few of these really amazing videos from One of these is this really great speech of Steve Jobs: "There is no reason not to follow your heart".

What is important, I would like to do it for myself! Not for fame, not for money, just for fun and for good feeling. And I want to inspire you to try it with me. Why should you listen to me? I will tell you tommorow something about me and my plans. But don´t be afraid! I don´t want to keep some diet and that´s it! I will do some small changes with immediate effect, these really small steps, which can do a lot! I would like every day add some new small rule, habit or action to my life and do it from this day every day. I hope you understand my thoughts, my english is not so good, but it will be;)

And important info in the end of this post! I would like to start from my birthday, 11.2., because I need some time to present you my ideas etc. and of sourse for some preperation;) 

See u, B.


  1. Určitě velmi inspirující, držím palce a těším se na plány :) Good luck.

  2. Zajímavé čtení, jsem zvědavá na pokračování :) Držím palce, ať ti vše vyjde jak sis vysnila!