Monday, January 23, 2012

Just do it

Hi guys!

Today was so busy day, that I can´t do anything else that I did, sorry! I know, that I promise one challenge every day, but today´s challenge was to get everything done.

I have got my breakfast, I did everything at work I want to, then I went to buy monthly bus ticket, to the post office to pick up some packages, to shop to buy some food. After that I arrived home, cleaned up almost everything, than read emails, prepare and cook meal for dinner and for tommorow lunch and it is eleven p.m. I can´t imagine, I can do more today.

My mouth still hurts, I hope it will stop in a few days, so I am not in a really good mood to do any really creative or special project. Do you know this type of day, when you really did a lot, maybe you did more than anybody else but still have this strange feeling that you didn´t do enough? What do you do if you have this situation? Any ideas?

Hovewer I did what I have to and that was my the biggest challenge of last days.

See U, B.

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