Saturday, January 21, 2012

I need space, says my t-shirt

Hello everybody!

My today´s challenge was something like double challenge:) Let me describe why!

Two days before I was sorting out my clothes. I sort out really lot of clothes (I don´t understand how, but I had so much blue things despite the fact that I don´t like blue at all in fashion. Other stuff was viollet, what is the same case). Hovewer, it was really big bag od clothes (you know IKEA blue/yellow shopping bags? So one of them was full). Anyway my closet is still crowded and overloaded. Is is really hard to pick something, to choose some combination, which fits together, and if I pick something, three other pieces fall down.


It was really hard to find some space in our small apartment, hovewer I got it! I have to move my workspace to our living room part, and instead of working table in bedroom part we will have a wardrobes for everyday clothes. I made some plans in my favourite PC programme called Sweet Home 3D which is really easy to understand and than to make some nice simple visualisation for example to convince husband that it is necessary;) AND, what is really important, it is free to download:)

So this is how it looks like now:

Whole room is almost 6 to 4 metres with two big windows and one doors. I signed all furniture for you to understand recent situation. I sew and this is my big hobby, so I have 2 metres log table and need a lot of storage for fabrics, buttons, trims etc. We have plenty of books so we need two bookcases. And that is it:) Nothing else fits to our room which is bedroom, craft room and living room in one.

My new layout consist same furniture and as new space for wardrobe nearby bed. However it is necessary to move our big plant somewhere:) Probably to the kitchen.

Because we don´t have any extra money, we decided to buy just a clothes rack on castors, easy to move to another room etc. and also really affordable. So tommorow we are going to go to IKEA and buy two of these and throug next week I will do this makeover in our appartement. Extra space which left in our recent closet we use for seasonal clothes, seasonal decoration, some sport stuff and also for laundry - clean clothes before ironing and also dirty clothes in baskets.

What do you think, is it good idea?

See U tommorow! B.

P.S. Today I have a plan and it was so long day, I couldn´t belive it! I did so much things included shopping, cooking, watching photos from our party with husband, having a visit of my sister, sewing cushion cover and one nice bear (which has just head, body and one leg:) , plan our rebuilding etc.. Amazing how much things you can manage if you plan a little:)

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