Monday, January 16, 2012

Breakfast? Why not!


Today is our new year party in work so I have to make my todays challenge in the morning. Hovewer, it really fits to my plans, because today and of course on year challenge is.


I would like to start every day with some nice healthy meal, have some time to wake up, make myself coffee and food, have time to eat it and maybe read some magazine.

Nowadays I am in the bed till last minute I can, than I am really in hurry and have about 15 minutes to morning hygiene, dress up and go for a bus. I know, that I can get it, but sometimes I am not in a good mood, because I am hungry or forget something at home (e.g. lunch which I prepared day before). What I really hate is, when I am really in hurry but decided to wear some skirt and tights in this weather. HOWEVER! Almost everytime a forget sock which I need for a work, so I have to borrow them from someone or be all day without!

I can sound absolutely not important, but it really is:)

What is your favorite meal for breakfast? Do you eat breakfast?

We(me and my husband) have really nice breakfasts on sundays. We squeeze fresh orange juice, make a coffee, scrumbled or boiled eggs, toasts, crunchy toasts, bits of a cheese and dessert. We make this lovely breakfast, prepare everything on the table and eat everything really slowly and just talk. I would like to keep a bit of this amazing habbit through whole week with this everyday breakfast.

Usually I have oatmeal with cinnamon and bit of sugar, some sweet cottage cheese or milk rice. I want have something every day, make a coffee and maybe some fruit to have energy for whole day at work.

I know I can do it and today I get it, so I am really loking forward tomorrow!

See U, B.


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  2. Oh, dear B. how I understand you!!!
    Especially the part with sleeping till the very last minute. And then..., a couple of minutes for the morning routine, helter-skeler to grab some food and hurry to work. Not very good start of the day and also dangerous, as I drive on the motorway 35 km every day. I took your post as inspiration and focus on waking up earlier to allow myself the comfort of a good breakfest AT HOME. I wonder how I succeed. These days, unfortunately, a breakfast is something rather weekendish.
    And what I like most for breakfest? Possibly orange juice and our home made wholemeal sunflower bread with butter or a cottage cheese and slices of tomato on top of that. Maybe sounds strange, but I love it. And a cup of cofee, not to forget. Or from time to time I make banana and prune jam (very simple, no cooking, it is made out of dried prunes soaked overnight in an orange juice and pureed with banana), on a slice of a good bread with curd cheese - it is delicious!