Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day off!

Hi guys!

I want to be honest with you so there is a true: I didn´t have breakfast today and no challenge is comming.

I hope I have a good excuse, because I was at the dentist in the morning and he pull out one of my wisdom teeth. And I was so nervous I can´t eat anything. And today I am really out of order, just lying on the sofa or bed, eating baby food and everything liquid and suffer alone:) It is not so bed and I think that the first day is the worst, so for tomorrow I have a big plans. Hovewer I am not going to do anything big today, any challenge is in my schedule.

Could you forgive me one day off?

But I have to tell you that I am at least looking for some inspiration for my workspace/craft corner, which I want to make over during weekend.

So please, be with me, and tommorow I will be right back with really great challenge for me and also for you!

See U, B.

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