Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clothes off!

Hi guys!

For today I decided to get some small challenge, because of two facts:

1. I was at work really long time and I am tired and don´t have enought time to do anything.
2. I go to the dentist tomorrow and I am a little bit nervous, he will pull out one of my wisdom tooths.

My aim is for a few days move to more practical and less teoretical issues, because it takes a time to get used to this new habbits. I can honestly say, that I am fullfilling my challenges almsot perfectly, but it is only few days, so we will see:)

Anyway. Today I am going to sort my clothes what I amp planning to do for ages!

Todays challenge: SORT MY CLOSET OUT!


Me and my husband live in rented flat, which is in the centre of the city, really nice old appartment with high ceiling, big windows etc. Hovewer I love scandinavian style of home furnishing, so we don´t have furniture everywhere. I need air, empty space to feel really comfortable. Our flat is 55m2 and we have 2 rooms, one is unfortunatelly just for kitchen and another one is for my workspace, bedroom and living room. It is really dificult to furnished it to be sutisfied with but I am still trying and still moving with furniture:)

In our hall we have small "room in the room", small niche, which makes a little closet which is hidden behind a curtain, so we don´t have to have some wardrobe in main room, which is really nice! Unfortunatelly this space is really narrow, so my wardrobe is really really tiny. Nowadays it is full of clothes, but I somehow feel and know, that half of it is unnecessary, don´t fits me well etc. So I decided to sort it for for groups:

1. I am often wearing and want to keep - will stay in closet.
2. I am wearing for special occasions and want to keep - will go to underbed storage
3. I am not wearing but my sister maybe will be - to the box
4. I am not wearing but somebody else maybe will - to the another box, I will take photos of this and try to sell it somewhere to earn money for new clothes;)

Why we are keeping clothes, which does not fit us? Which we never wear and don´t like? Just because of its value? What do you think?

It is really not enought time till midnight, so stop talking and start doing! Tomorrow you will see some photos, do you want? And another small practical challenge to organize our apartment with some inspiration and tips for you, I can´t wait!

See U, B.

P.S. I have to confess, I have one jeans, which does not fits me but I really want to keep them as motivation for excercising and eating well. They are Ralph Lauren jeans from second hand, really beautiful and for low price. You know, nobody´s perfect;)


  1. Hi. I am personally very bad at getting rid of things, despite I know, HOW GOOD FEELING it brings me to do so, it is literally HEALING process. Isn´t it strange?

    And why we keep the clothes we no longer wear? In my case I see three cases:
    -for some time I am sure that I will soon get again to the shape and the clothes will fit me again (never happens).
    -I feel guilty that I bought something which I did not actualy like-that results in even more hesitating next time I am shopping for clothes and buying something really horrible in the end.. :-)
    -looking at some pieces of the clothing, they seem to look not so bad and I am sure that I will wear them...., but... I take it once and do not feel good in it.
    So, those are my three excuses. To be honest, I think, that it is very much conected with your previous writing about the procrastination. It is similar pattern-getting rid of clothes means making decision, it may become difficult, and we tend to postpone it. What do you think?

  2. Dear PAV!

    I totally agree! I am now middle in the process, really uncompromising. Hovewer my closet is almost empty and in front of that is a huge clothes-mountain:) I found clothes, what I didn´t realize I buy. I also found some pieces about which I though I throw it away ages before. And of course I found some favourite pieces which I thought disappeared:) But you are absolutelly right that it comes hand by hand with my perfectionism and impossibility to decide anything. What if, you know?:)

    So I go continue, I have whole closet left (really small closet as you can see) and one storage under bed reamins. Go go go!

  3. Oh, go ahead, I keep my fingers crossed! I must confess, that I am that inspired, that I am already planning to try my luck this Friday. Nowadays, I have my wardrobe full, but sruggle every morning to find some decent pieces to put on. So Friday will be the day!! And I want to be deadly strict :-D :-D

    Good night.