Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Money saving tips

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you some findings about saving money:)

At first I have to say, that saving money takes time, and sometimes really a lot. So you have to consider, what is more for you? Time or money. You know, in the Czech republic we say "Time is money":) So, it is up to you, but I wnat to be honest to you, so I am telling you everything about it.

But what about some tips?

1. Plan shopping

If you are going to buy some food or anything, make a list at home in advance and don´t buy anything what is not in that list. It is really hard sometimes, you know, you see your favorite chocolate or chips in sale and you have to buy it. There is another important fact: never go to shop food hungry! You will buy much more that you want. So make a list and be sure that you have everything you really need on it and maybe write some possibillities. For example: I want to cook comething with cauliflower. But there is brocolli in sale in the shop. I know, that it does not matter, which one of these vegetables I will use to my recepy, so I buy brocolli instead and save some money. AND DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE!

2. Plan cooking

It is really great to plan main meals in advance, for example as a menu for a whole week. Of course, you cannot plan exactly every course, but main meals is possible. So make a list of meals with recepies, if you need, as I did on friday and buy anything you need for these meals. Of course, it is not a unchangable, but you have seven possibilities to cook something when you arrived home after work and it is much more easier to cook if you know what and you have ingredients. So I plan one meal for every day, just generally, and than every day cook what I would like to eat. Usually I do it more and eat it for dinner and next day for lunch. And I do not mind have two same meals if it is fresh and tasty. Moreover if you cook more you can get it to work (what I am doing) and save money for luchn in the restaurant or fastfood or you can keep it in some plastic box in the fridge or refrigerator for next week:)

3. Use leftovers

Another saving tip about cooking. You can use almost everything if it is not rotten or something. Leftovers from rice, potatoes, mashed potatoes even pasta you can keep in fridge and use to thicken some soup or another meal, you can do for example potatoes croquettes from mashed potatoes etc. You can also keep leftovers from vegetables like onion, carrot, parsnip etc. and make some broth. Everytime you want to throw something away, think! CAN I USE IT AGAIN?

4. Keep food how it should be

I was never thinking about this, but every single piece of food have its own place in the kitchen. Fridge has its rules, because in any shelf is different temperature. Some vegetables need to be in, some out, some in plastic bag, some never. Is is really important to keep food in the best condition to have it fresh for a long time. In our kitchen we have always problem with flour moths, these small butterflies, which really love pasta, flours, rice, oatmeal etc. All the time I has to throw away almost everything, after few weeks it was full of them. Then my friends toold me, that you can do everything at home right, but you bring them to your home from shop! So she advised me put everything like this to the refridgerator immediately I bring it home from shopping. Leave it here for night and that you will be free forever! And really, it works! And it saved me a lot, so if you have same problem, try it.

5. Drink plane water

Don´t buy any bottled water! It is really expensive and in the Czech republic is tap water often helthier and tastier than from bottles. So if you have hard water buy some kettle for water which will filtered everything out. It cost about 500 Czk and you have to buy once a month a new filter for some money, but it will save a lot. And also you can use this water for cooking etc. and you will also protect your pots and pans against limescale. Hovewer! If you need to drink some sweet drinks, buy syrup or squeeze some lemon or orange to jug of waterand it will be so refreshing and delicious. You can also use mint leaves and cane sugar and make a virgin mojito, or ginger for ginger lemonade etc. AND! Buy some nice small bottle which fits to your bag and bring it everywhere with home made tasty drink. Remember, how often you buy some small drink when you are shopping or waiting for a bus etc.? There is a really amazing invention called Bobble, you can google it. And it is a half litre bottle with integrated water filtre, so you can use tap water almost everywhere! Isn´t is amazing?

Another saving tips about food and energies will come tommorow:)) I am really interested in this topic and have a lot information so I can speak about it for hours, if you will want to!

Tell me, what money-saving topic would you like to read? Energies? Food? Clothes? Cleaning? DIY?

See U, B.

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