Sunday, January 22, 2012

Money, money, money

Good evening everyone:)

Today I decided to get really hard and not so funny challenge:


Set Your Own Personal Budget

So I decided to make our family budget. Till now we spent all of our monthly income despite fact how much we earn. Because once (and I really hope it will be soon) I would like to move and settle in Sweden, I would like to start saving some money for this "one way trip". I asked my friends who live in foreing countries how much money do you need for start, and it is almost 200 000 Czk. Because you need to pay for flat in advance for one or two month and you have to have first month income (if you have a job here). If you don´t have a job, you will need much more.

To spend some money I need to know how much we need about our regular and irregular expences. Here you can download one basic checklist which will help you right down everything you have to pay for. It is really crutial to write down EVERYTHING! Not just food etc., but really everything. My budget consist of these items:


- lease
- gas
- electricity
- loans
- phones
- insurance
- internet
- savings


- food
- drugstore
- entertainment

REGULAR PAYMENTS (not monthly)

- pills (once every three months/ we have to spent one third every month)
- transport tickets (once every three months/ we have to spent one third every month)

As you can see, there are not so many items, but there is a lot of money in it. I calculated, thatwe can spent maybe 4 thousand a month. Hovewer it is not enough, in this case we will move to Sweden after five years of spending every crown:( I am a little bit depressed about that fact so I have to create a plan B:) I never never never give up!

You know, this is my really big dream, to move to some nice Sweden city from many reasons which are not so important. Hovewer I can´t wait for five years! So I will make some plans, maybe more than one, and I will tell you tommorow, what I realized, ok?

See U, B.

P.S. I am now going to cook my tommorow lunch, I don´t have any energy for doing this hovewer you really push me to keep every my promises! Thanks a lot guys you are reading!

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