Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello my dears!

Todays challenge will be about food. I am vegetarian for a few years and this my decision is really connected with my challenge and also with healty food. From monday to friday I am at work and most of my meals I eat in our company canteen. It is really cheap, but not so healthy and not so tasty all the time. Moreover meatless food is ussually something sweet or fried. And I think that eat fried or sweet food all over again, it is not so good for your organism and for your healt. And also it is really good for saving some money, because if you are well eaten, you don´t need any junk food, fast foods etc.

Because of that facts, I decided to cook one delicious meal every day and get it to work for a lunch. This will be challenge with a long-term character and I would like to share with you guys how I am going do manage it.

In my opinion, where you are working through a week and you have also family and some hobbies it is really dificult to manage everything. So very good plan and preparation is needed. I find some really interesting and inspiring webs with repecies, for example And this is not just for vegetarian but for anybody who wants to keep healthy and save some money. On this site you can find lots of recepies, cheap ones or meatless, it is really up to you what do you want to eat and cook. Amazing is that there are really new and tasty recepies for me but cooked from available ingredients.

So the first step is to create your diet plan for whole week, than shop, prepare everything and cook. I tried and suggest you this way, I think most time-saving and easy.

1. Create your menu for whole week from monday to sunday today (on friday)
2. Create also your shopping list for everything you will need and don´t have at home also today (on friday)
3. Consider what is possible to buy in advance and what is needed to be really fresh (for example rolls and bread is better to buy more times a week to keep it delicious, but also every vegetables for example stay fresh  for whole week)
4. Go shopping on saturday morning. I decided for this day because in our city we have on spring and summer really nice grocery market and I can´t buy fresh and cheap vegetables here. Anyway it is the best day for shopping, because I am ussualy not at work an have time to do big purchase.
5. After that shopping I just put everything on its place and have a rest of the day free for my hobbies and family.
6. Sunday is a preparing day - I try to prepare everything what is possible to prepare - cut vegetables and put it into Lock-lock boxes, make a vegetable broth and keep it in freezer etc. It save you really much time and cooking after work every day will be much more easier for you!
7. Every day after work when I arrive home, I get my coffee and some break and then I cook my food. It takes me from 30 to 60 minutes and it is not so horrible. Because during cooking you can wash your dishes etc., so you are really satisfied how much things you can manage in one day.

What do you think, is it possible to you prepare nice meal every day?

I really calculated that it save my money, I am in better mood after really good meal and don´t need eat any fast food stuff. So what is my plan for nex week? (You can click on every name of meal and get recepy)

MONDAY: Gnocchi with broccoli & parmesan cream sauce 
Gnocchi with broccoli & parmesan cream sauce

TUESDAY:  Spice Tomato&couscous soup
Spiced tomato & couscous soup

WEDNESDAY: Tofu&vegetables patties
Tofu & vegetable patties

THUERSDAY: Pea risotto
Pea risotto

FRIDAY: Cauliflower& Potato Curry
Cauliflower & potato curry

SATURDAY: Lentil ragú

 Lentil ragù

SUNDAY: Spicy falafel
Spicy falafels

This meals looks really delicious and I am looking forward to cook them. So when I decided what I want to cook, I have to write down everything I need to buy. Then buy it:) Really big advantage of this shopping list is, that you almost never forget anything to buy and also you don´t buy much stuff moreover.

So, go ahead, you can do it! So tomorrow I am going to buy everything and I will tell you how it works:)

See U, B.

P.S. My mouth is even better that tommorow, so I ate my breakfast how I should:)

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